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A powerful sign to bring to consciousness whatever was brought down the family line. So here was the challenge. How was I to make peace with it? I pondered the charts: my grandmother, Elizabeth English, had a chart with a predominance of planets in the earth sign of Taurus and—Ah! There was the Pluto aspecting the Sun with a tight conjunction. I knew that she was born in , and that she had been a talented artist as a young woman, and after she married she had five children and never painted again.

Her husband died in his late fifties of alcoholism. With five planets in Taurus, there were issues around money, security, and values, and with Sun conjunct Pluto she would have experienced many symbolic—if not real—deaths and rebirths in her life. She died when I was seven.

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It seemed as if my grandmother, Elizabeth, never felt the serenity and security that is the touchstone for Tauruswithout which Taurus folks cannot release all their gifts. The mystery of her abandoning her painting was never told to me, and her only remaining oil painting is a dark Rembrandt-like rendition of a fortune teller reading the tea leaves in a china cup to a well dressed lady at the turn of the century. The painting was done in when she was twenty-three years old, and now hangs in my astrology office. I suspected then that all my work in therapy around us was more significant than I originally knew.

And indeed, my mother was able to combine motherhood with her art, and she painted up until her death at the age of I could see our wounds. There were painful issues around creativity, freedom, and ambivalent feelings about motherhood here, as well as enmeshment and co-dependence. Her artistic freedom was severely curtailed by raising children, like most of the women of her generation. I have found this easier in my life, as I struggle to combine my art, my writing, and being a mother as well.

But even a glance at these intertwining aspects tends to open understanding and empathy. In all the charts, the aspects between Pluto, the Nodes, and Venus hinted of an inherited struggle with creativity and relationship. It all echoed back to Elizabeth English who fought with the competing demands of art and children, and seemed to lose. And indeed, if one examines this family there are elements in the family story that suggest this possibility, though a good astrologer would never call it that.

Call it what you may, what happens with the challenges that are unconsciously inherited down the family line? Sometimes a bad seed develops, as rage and alcoholism can insidiously move down through the family genetics. Some children, such as serial killer Charles Bundy, showed signs of this when he encircled his sister with knives as she slept, showing the peculiar signs of rage at the age of three.

At heart I believe we are up against a mystery, because in each life the soul has free will and can play out genetic or karmic tendencies so many ways. Instead we can look at the heart of astrology—the myths that the planets are named after, and we can find clues. Something positive gets misused or distorted through arrogance and pride, what the Greeks call hubris. The abuse of creative potential, which is sometimes linked with a subtle or not so subtle abuse of children, is made worse by the denial and hubris carried on within members of the family.

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In generations past, we hid our shame within our families. Today we think all is out in the open because it is the stuff of soap operas and reality shows and the evening news. But shame and lack of courage runs deep. Anything consistent in our lives and which shows up in the chart, can behave like a curse. Because we have free will, our behavior can change it, although old attitudes with very entrenched roots are harder to change. But if one looks at he collective struggle of Irish against English, Catholic against Protestant, and the tragedy of the famine which drove so many of our grandparents out of Ireland we can see how this could have fueled his ambition.

He may have groomed his children for political power in order to redeem, in his mind, the shame and tragedies the Irish have had to endure in the last few centuries. The flaw of his daughter would have caused him great shame, and he took powerful action to correct it.

Could this powerful man have set in motion a set of inherited attitudes that produced both great goodness and unforeseen tragedy? Was his ambition and the shocking deaths of his sons a necessary sacrifice for the greater good of our country and the Irish? When John Kennedy Jr died in his night flight through the fog, was he acting like the mythical Icarus when he dared to fly on a foggy night? There was a judgment he made that night that failed.

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Could he have avoided this by observing the limitations of flight or the cautionary limitations of the exact transiting Pluto square which he was in? An astrologer might have cautioned him from any daring acts, and called his attention to his North Node in Virgo, which demands attention to details, yet….

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The opportunity to heal the pride, shame, and painful family legacy is a challenge, and the opportunity to act on the unlived gifts of our family legacy is a gift. We do it by bringing the issues to consciousness. Not to blame, but to bring to light the repressed painful attitudes, and to bring compassion to our past. What a unique chance it is to redeem what was once lost through ignorance, lack of courage, arrogance, or willful unconsciousness. Especially at each major life passage, such as the Uranus Oppositon and the Saturn Returns we get a chance again to ponder our karmic inheritance and to bring forth all that is longing to be expressed through us.

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On that particular Sunday morning, during my Uranus Opposition at the age of forty, I began to look at my maternal inheritance differently. I could see again my inherited gifts: the artistic ability and a feisty blend of persistence and tenacity. But now I had a choice.

I could see what I would accept in this inheritance and what I would attempt to heal or to reject. The simple act of seeing the reflection of pain and grace moving through the charts lifted the depressive fog. I could see that I was not alone in my struggle to free myself, but that these women had struggled too, in their time and in their unique way. The mythology behind the planetary configurations enlarged my sense of self, and it was comforting to see how the orbs of my personal mythology touched the collective mythology.

Sorting out these questions and similar ones are part of what your life is about. You are highly sensitive and receptive to beauty. You love art, beautiful music, harmony, and love in all its forms. You have delicate feelings and intuitively understand others through compassion. Thus, you naturally want to help, to give, to alleviate suffering where you can, and not just for people, but for all creatures.

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Your love naturally is inclusive, all embracing and unconditional. This pattern in you bespeaks of considerable spiritual evolvement and refinement. You are one who can walk and talk with the angels. The realm of human love and human relating is not one you can enter into lightly or casually. For you it is always an all-or-nothing, whole-hearted, and ultimately transformative experience.

A deepening of your heart and your capacity to love, as well as a purification of your values, is what this is all about. It may be the loss of one particular person in a particularly poignant and excruciating way, or a series of encounters which bring you ever deeper into your own attachments. Even abusive relationships may be the arenas in which this occurs.

A love of power -instead of the power of love — would then be your downfall. You are able to project love with great depth and great feeling, and through your personal magnetism and power of attraction which is considerable you can influence others in a remarkable way. You instinctively know what people need and want, and how to give it to them. You also exude sexuality and affect people often without realizing it.

On another level, you are extremely fortunate and resourceful financially. You have a way with money and with developing and using all of the resources that are available to you.


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Also, your creativity and artistic powers are unusual. You have a special giftedness combined with a passion for beauty, and can craft some unusual, compellingly attractive creations. The following are our discussions about how the outer planets Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and Nodes of the Moon play out in synastry and in the composite chart. Saturn interaspects. This can be supportive or it can be extremely challenging—and frequently a bit of both.

At a soul level, there is a need, desire, or feeling of indebtedness to stay with each other. At the beginning of the relationship, there is great comfort found in each other. Still, one or both people involved can feel a strong reluctance at the same time that they feel a compulsion to be with the person. With some Saturn-personal planet contacts, two people stay together out of a sense of duty or one person feels this most strongly. In other cases, there can be a real love-hate relationship that develops, as the Saturn person tends to restrict and direct the personal planet person.

The personal planet may resist these attempts on some level, but acquiesce anyhow often grudgingly! Censoring or withholding feelings is the most common reaction over time, and distancing begins. Hard aspects conjunction, semi-square, square, sesquiquadrate, and oppostion between Venus and Saturn and the Moon and Saturn in the composite chart tend to affect us most intimately. Themes of separation, distancing, withdrawing, and obstacles are strong. Another expression of these aspects is a strong desire to be together, but outside obligations or influences seem to keep you apart.

Whether the distancing seems to be indirect or direct coming from without or coming from within the relationship , the general theme is roughly the same—blockages of the natural and spontaneous flow of emotional expression. Couples with these positions tend to live with the idea that their relationship is often emotionally unfulfilling. Both parties may feel that they end up quite lonely or insecure because of their experience together.

However, tests and trials are part of their relationship. Overcoming them can be a fulfilling experience in and of itself. There is a great attachment here—one that can keep you together many years, if not indefinitely. The going is bound to be a little tough, but it is also very hard to let go of each other because of this basic bond. These ups and downs can be inspiring, but if there are too many, it can be exhausting! At some point, mindfulness on the part of both individuals needs to be present in order to grow with each other.

Building trust for one another is an issue. When you first met, there was likely a strong feeling of comfort and apparent trust. As you go along, there is a basic trust in one another on a physical level. However, trust with regards to sharing feelings, or your innermost desires, can begin to fade. Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more.

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    Venus trine or sextile Saturn Deeply-felt loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment in love and in friendship are soul-qualities with which you are gifted. Venus conjunct, opposition, square, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, or quincunx Uranus Both in your personal relationships and in your personal tastes, you will feel an attraction to wildness, rebelliousness, newness, and erratic rhythms. Venus trine or sextile Uranus Your gifts include an unusual flair or creative spark, playful inventiveness, and a taste for adventure and surprise that lead to new forms of pleasure or beauty.

    Venus opposition, square, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, or quincunx Neptune You are in love with love, and your path in life, as well as many of your challenges, involves understanding and experiencing the realm of the heart.