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Love, family and leisure horoscope of Taurus. Just click on your sun sign to get an immediate overview about what has in store for when it comes to love, romance, sex, wealth, health, career, travel, money, and family. Healthy living has been a central theme of , and if you've been dealing with any medical issues, you've had the planet of good fortune acting on your behalf.

The second Decan Cancer personality is characterised by mystery, secrecy and psychic ability. Horoscope Cancer.

Scorpio, your horoscope 12222 month by month!

In Jupiter changes the emphasis when it goes into Aries from Jan 23rd — June 5th, signalling expansion related to career, new doors opening professionally and opportunities to broaden your horizons mental and physical. Check out CamelPhat on Beatport. As measures of time, the rising and setting of decans marked 'hours' and groups of 10 days which comprised an Egyptian year.

Cancer is the zone of your solar chart associated with those things and people who are a source of fun and pleasure, whether they be children of your mind, such as creative projects and ideas or physical children. Free weekly online horoscope for Cancer. Second Decanate Sub-ruled by Saturn Influenced by the hardened taskmasters Capricorn and Saturn, you are an organized and diligent force to be reckoned with. This year, you might have to face few issues related to career and health. Every sign will have three Decans and each Decan has a planetary ruler which becomes the co ruler of that particular sign.

A lot of things are happening around you that probably make you feel February. Cancer Monthly Horoscopes. Also provided free Cancer love, career, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscopes for Monthly Horoscope for August. The forecast for for different zodiac signs in different aspects of life including finance , family, health, career , job, education , and business is here. Those born in this period are creative and affectionate just like a true Cancer and focused and possessive just as Pluto makes them be. Free horoscope for Cancer: Get some good advice in love and enjoy an happy relationship.

It is a good idea to spend some of it on improving your home and buying some. Libra Horoscope : There are times in our lives when we need to take a stance, take on responsibilities, claim our intentions, and is one of them for you. Deccan Herald. The first thing one should observe regarding the decans is the ruling planet.

Horoscope : Cancer. Become the person you were always meant to be. Horoscope cancer de la semaine. Jessica Adams has prepared your weekly astrological forecast for Your Weekly Horoscope August 19th to 25th. This is such a whopping great love horoscope for you, dear Cancer!

They say that where there's no sense there's no feeling and you might be sick of the emotionally stunted fish you keep on hooking in over and over again, lovely Cancer. You are likely to have a steady influx of cash, so make sure that you don't spend too much of it during the Mercury retrograde. Saturday, 17 August, Find out more about your future by reading your career horoscope and your money horoscope Read the latest horoscopes and astrology news. Le domaine financier est mis en vedette. Free Horoscope Daily is a clean, simple and easy web site with free horoscopes updated daily.

Let tensions about the future take a back seat. Cancer Decan 1. Cancer Ascendant Horoscope. The love life is very challenging this year. Your horoscope will help you to unlock your hidden potential in life, love, and career, and blossom into your best self. There are only two planets on this page. Yearly Horoscope My readings search the depths of all your life questions! Offering Expert readings to assist you in seeing your life mor. Your deep emotional understanding is the source of your compassion and sympathy. His creative style is to explore the hidden, the shadow and subject matter that is deemed taboo.

Today is favorable for communicating, for exchanging ideas, and for making sound decisions. In fact, you will realise that you have strengthened some sides of your c.

Wednesday, October 9

Hanuman Mishra. December 3 Horoscope. You're entering a new cycle that sees you growing in abundance and prosperity, financially, in your commitments, sense of self-esteem, security, and confidence. As comes to an end, you may be looking at how your moodiness has impacted your relationships and social life this year.

Org presents the yearly horoscopes. Cancer horoscope for the month of August reveals finance, comfort, extravagance, possessions, luxury, expenses, communicative, light-heartedness, resourceful, financial independence. Health needs more watching this year and we will discuss this later. As per Capricorn Horoscope , the year will prove to be a golden period for you.

Pisces-Cancer combo is the best sense of humor to ever hit any decan. Read all Zodiac Horoscope of Year for career, business, marriage, relationship, health and finance related from astrologer Swami Gagan. I am a 1st decan. You must also take care of your diet, and avoid any junk or unhealthy food that might make you ill. The transit of Venus in the 4th House lasts until July 27, A Cancer Moon is sensitive, emotional, sympathetic and sentimental by character. Aries Horoscope If you can't wait to know when is the perfect time to get married to the love of your life in or when will you find your soul mate to the live happily ever after, then read through the Cancer marriage horoscope.

Ascendant Sign Horoscopes: The following horoscopes for the current month are divided into 3 groups or decanates per sign for more accuracy. Lucky numbers are 3 and Clashes over who has the most power will be evident in your workplace today. Cancer Decans and Personality Traits As explained earlier in the article " what is a decan in astrology ", you already understand why people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer can exhibit different characteristics, or qualities.

If you find this confusing, please read only the 1st Decan for all Cancer horoscope predictions. You've gained so much knowledge. The Astro Twins forecast Cancer's horoscope for today. Scorpio Decan 3: November 12 to Because outer planet transits are lengthy, there are variations in the timing of outer planet transits for each of the three decans of Cancer, and.

January In every aspect, career, love and finances, this month will be quite busy. Mais attention! Although Cancer usually emphasizes intrapersonal aspects such as emotional regulation and vulnerability, when influenced by the North Node, it encourages you to seek acceptance and belonging. I was just joking :- my brother is 1st Decan and I can read him like a book. Because there are other astrology transits occurring shortly after, we can expect to. Our yearly horoscopes are divided into 3 distinct Cancer decans.

Saturn and Neptune are in harmonious ties in , something that you'll feel the most during: January 19 - February 14, June 3 - July 3, October 28 - November The whirling intricacies of the wheel expand and grow, the colors and forms and dramas eclipsing all else. And then you are in a brightly lit store, surrounded by rows of shelves and display cases. The man is here with you, but he is now without horse and lance. He stands before you, well dressed, extravagant but concise, like a British tailor.

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Gesturing gracefully, he speaks. Everything is on offer. The wheel is your emporium and I am your customer service representative.

With a flip of his fingers, the door opens, beyond which can be seen the interior of a massive cathedral, rows upon rows of figures seated in meditation. Though I do offer some items whose cost is extraordinary, I do not set the prices. Nor am I the one who judges value. And the customer is always right. They paid their debts, and left the rest to charity.

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As fine a choice as any. I rather doubt you will. None of the wares here are cursed, nor are they designed to lead you into torment. Though the small and greedy shop here, so to do saints. Clarity of mind and kindness of heart are on offer, though surprisingly few customers put in those orders.

There are as many prices as there are desires and buyers. The same item will not cost you what it costs another. All of our prices are individualized, and change daily. Gold for a stone, wood for gems. Some things cost blood, still others Time. Some can only be bought with Love, others with Ignorance. Sweat and tears are almost universally valued. Yet there is another currency, rarely understood. That currency is Hunger.

Let me explain. The price of satisfaction is longing. You must learn to long, to hunger, or you will not be fed. Before you can have the thing you desire, you must first create the emptiness in which to house it. This true hunger makes one relentless, inevitable. True hunger tunnels through mountains and crosses oceans. It cuts through illusions and accepts nothing less than total satisfaction.

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So before you make a purchase, search your inner world as you might rummage through a purse, and see what voids of longing exist within you. These are your true hungers, and they are coins of tremendous value in this shop. There are certainly wares be had for significantly less dramatic longings. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio is due to stir your hunger to know what resides behind the veil of death. Let morbid curiosity be your guide, for whatever you find, whatever wisdom you come to, is better than ignorance.

Whatever peace you make with death will make you stronger, more fearless, more alive. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction is Scorpio is due to stir your hunger for greater love, greater intimacy, greater passion. Be honest about your appetites, with both yourself and the other people in your life. Though you may or may not get what you ask for, you will not get anything in return for your refusal to ask.

Imagine a house in perfect order, flawless credit, and a body of silk and steel, forged by daily care.

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  • Between yourself and this vision is a seemingly endless desert of diligent boredom. Yet there a vehicle which can take you across it, and that is your hunger. Your hunger to realize this vision, and to taste the fruits of your labor. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction stimulates your hunger to create. There is no great work without a restless, desperate hunger to see it done, to drink in the vision of the thing complete, to gobble up the satisfaction of having brought something across the abyss between an idea and manifestation.

    Let that hunger become determination, that lust for result a source of strength. The Sun-Jupiter conjunctions stimulate your hunger for the comforts of home and family. So let yourself fantasize about security and support. Let the warmth of an imagined hearth wash over you.

    That loving, safe flame can be a lighthouse to guide you, but it can also be a forge-fire, to facilitate the changes you need to undergo in order to make the vision a reality.

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    • The Sun-Jupiter conjunction on Scorpio is due to stimulate your appetite for a little extra space, and a little more time. Though these might seem like odd things to lust for, they are irreplaceably precious commodities. Time and space are liquid assets of the highest value, for they can be enjoyed in and of themselves or traded for any number of pleasures. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction awakens within you a well-known hunger — the lust for money and possessions.

      Not only well-known, it is also widely despised, though there is often more envy than piety in those criticisms. If you want and need more, then seek it, without shame. Let hunger be your guide. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the 26th stimulates your hunger to become more of what and who you already are, to inhabit and extend yourself more fully and completely. Metamorphosis is hungry work. Like a caterpillar, let yourself become gluttonous for what feeds you.

      It is a delight to know hidden things, and true self-knowledge has an irreplaceable savor. The conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun in Scorpio may stimulate your appetite for a fuller social life, your hunger to know and be known. The world is a buffet of humans, a tempting feast of conversations and interactions. Let good taste, your taste, be your guide as you choose who to make room for at your table. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction stimulates your hunger to achieve and succeed professionally.