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Great long term fortune on our sides as Neptune and Saturn are still in a happy vibe as well. For long term goals.

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Visual manifestation Then Boom its here! Its this type of support. Doors open, someone calls. You go to store n fate finds you.

February 3rd 12222 Sun sextile Jupiter

Keeping great focus of thoughts for what this Next week has in store. Its a new moon in Aquarius. Write what you are bringing into your New Book- Whats going to be on your next-play set. If you could write your own story we do how would it go? Write it into your life..

When a sentar Sagittarius aims with there arrow, they hit their mark. Connection to mind body soul The invigoration thats restored. Organic day. To glow brighter. As we laugh we glow brighter-Beautiful day to shine.

February 12222 – Patience Helps

Great fortune energy. Utilize it if you dare. Be safe…stay warm…. The event chart for the new moon at p.

Monday in Bloomington shows the sun and moon both at 15 degrees in Aquarius. Kathryn de la Rosa Buy Photos. My phone helps me keep an eye on the phase of the moon, its aspects to planets and even what local weather means for stargazing — moongazing, if you will.

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It told me the moon left Capricorn on Saturday and entered Aquarius. We have an Aquarius new moon Monday. New Age writers such as Ezzie Spencer preach setting intentions with the lunar cycle. In modern astrology, the moon is seen as ruling emotion and the subconscious — traditionally feminine qualities. The moon is often associated with a goddess in ancient polytheistic religions, like Selene in Greek mythology. A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are at the exact same degree of the same sign.

In astronomy, this means the side of the moon lit by the sun faces away from the Earth. In Bloomington, this new moon will be darkest at p.

Horoscope February 5 2019 Moon Sextile Mars

Astronomically, the new moon is the first phase of a lunar cycle. Astrologically, the new moon marks a new beginning, a clean slate. This is where intention-setting comes in.

New Moon February – Hope and Goodwill – Astrology King

It lends itself to drive. Aquarius is an intellectual sign invested in progress. The new moon in Aquarius is an excellent time to direct mental energy toward change. If a baby is born in Bloomington tomorrow at exactly p. Mercury sextile to Jupiter, Feb.

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