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Joseph Canning, Edmund J. King, Martial Staub, Brill, , 83;" Astronomy in medieval Islam. Babylonian astronomy Egyptian astronomy Hellenistic astronomy Indian astronomy. Byzantine science Chinese astronomy Medieval European science Indian astronomy.

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Yang Guangxian. People of Khorasan.

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Arabic Theories of Astral Influences: Abu Ma’shar al-Balkhi

The paintings were made by Naqqash al Shirazi in the XV century. He writes down what he heard from sailors: The people on the coast of Berbera are a kind of Zanj.

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  • He mentions that in the land of the Zanj they see what later was to become known as the Magellan cloud. He mentions the two countries in east Africa being Zanj and Zabay which however have to be reached following a different course; For Zanj the Arab navigators go immediately by the Oman sea and the eastern shore of the Indian Ocean. He also uses for the big island of Zabay other words like al-Qimar and al-Chymer.

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