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There is no such thing as too much sex for a Scorpio. The physical union elevates the Scorpion beyond the material plane to the spiritual realms. Orgasm is a moment when they connect with Higher awareness. This star sign tends toward aggressiveness — be they men or women. That physicality is a huge turn on for your Scorpio and be ready for another round after only a short interlude. Sex stimulates the Scorpio — it gets their blood pumping and recharges them like little else. Best partners in the bedroom for a Scorpio: Capricorn , Pisces and Virgo. You can go for another Scorpio too — just be ready for a wild ride.

An Aries typically takes the lead in a relationship. He or she finds the natural charm of a Scorpio very attractive, nearly to the point of distraction. The Scorpio makes a great support unit for the Aries personality, freely offering passion and compassion. Just remain watchful of that secretive Scorpion nature to avoid arguments and misunderstandings. These two have strong personalities and no fears of commitment. If the Scorpio can let Taurus take the lead, it makes for a happier balance, and it gives the relationship greater potential.

There is a great deal that each person can learn from the Taurus and Scorpio fling, be it long term or just a great tryst. Taurus is very honest about physical, emotional and mental needs so you feel appreciated and never has to second guess. Nonetheless, even with all that fire the Gemini — Scorpio couple finds themselves highly challenged to make a go of things.

Nonetheless, there are just way too many differences, and the dual personality of the Gemini let alone their inability to understand jealous tendencies is enough to drive the Scorpio personality away. Well, after the verbal blitzkrieg has ceased that is. Both take the relationship seriously and have no intention of dallying with affections.

This is a union with a great prospective — particularly in bed! Just like the ebb and flow of the ocean, Scorpio and Cancer naturally respond to each other physically without needing a lot of guidance. While both the Leo and the Scorpio have fixed loyalties, they are also incredibly obstinate.

This pairing is characterized by sizzle, drama and frizzle complete with a fair amount of unwanted baggage. You might be better off to avoid this from the get-go.

Virgo Compatibility

This couple frequently starts off on the path of friendship before moving deeper, which is healthiest for both parties. Neither is ready to trust quickly. Once established, however, mutual confidence leads to a safe, honest and appreciative relationship. The Libra — Scorpio connection can be expressed as soulful. There is a true spiritual connection between you two, with passions running deep. This is either going to be the romance of all time to come or a tragedy that leaves behind two shattered people and lots and lots of scorched earth.

What happens from here depends a lot on how open and trusting the two remain with each other. The Capricorn finds himself or herself pleased with the ease at which a Scorpio sneaks through their normally layered defenses.

Scorpio Compatibility Table of Contents

This is a couple that needs to take their time in letting the relationship blossom naturally, however. Otherwise it becomes a game of push-me-pull-you that no one wins. The deep Aquarian empathy touches the Scorpio lover in a way that surprises this normally unflappable astrological sign. Both the Pisces and Scorpio feel things deeply, especially each other.

This is the quintessential hearts-and-flowers couple — terminal romance complete with violins fills the air. Together, their combined energy is surely the romance muse of the ages. So below is an in depth look at how compatible these two star signs are. Above all else, passion is a quality shared by people born under the signs of Leo and Scorpio. Passion leads to an exciting relationship but also a competitive one.

Bravery is another shared quality and it is often embodied in the lion so it should come as no surprise that a Leo will display courage in times of adversity. A Scorpio while not as brave as a Leo will also rise to meet a challenge when the need arises.

Both Leo and Scorpio are assertive personalities that are not afraid to speak their mind and share both their desires and concerns. This leads to a healthier relationship because when both parties talk to each other it increases the chances of a happier and long lasting relationship. Scorpio is a naturally distrustful star sign which is why it is difficult for a Scorpio to start a new relationship. This can lead to a situation where a Leo is romantically pursuing a Scorpio but fails to break through the numerous emotional walls set up by a Scorpio to protect their heart.

Scorpio is also prone to jealousy which will inevitably emerge because Leo is a naturally outgoing personality with many friends. These friendships could be misconstrued as cheating leading to a relationship falling apart. Leo just like the lion can sometimes be a lazy personality. This can lead to situations where a couple argues over minor issues like not doing the dishes or placing dirty socks in the wrong area.

Leo is also capable of being inflexible bordering on arrogant which can cause bad arguments with a Scorpio if the argument is over something a Scorpio is passionate about. While a male Scorpio will be attracted to the vivacious and outgoing personality of the female Leo. Leo is also a sign known for humour, charm and charisma which a Scorpio will find endearing and mesmerising. The perfect compatibility of the two Scorpions is visible to all.

Living together is the best thing that could happen to them. It is comfortable for two Scorpios to be in one bundle. After all, only yours will understand you as much as yourself. Both representatives of this sign without slyness can say that they feel they are one, but at the same time, as soon as they do not excel, in order to wage an invisible struggle for leadership!

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If we talk about this mysterious zodiac sign, then the first thing that characterizes it is sexuality. Scorpio and sex are identical words. They are endowed with this magnetism from birth, and as soon as they enter adulthood, they immediately begin to manipulate people using their spells. Sexuality and charm are the trump card of Scorpions, they use it for their own purposes, wherever they can — in their career growth, in solving business problems and for personal pleasure. And the second bright feature characterizing Scorpios is the love of freedom, power and control.

Scorpio girl — is a strong and bright personality.

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Sexual Compatibility Gemini and Scorpio

She is very self-sufficient, sensual, deep and emotional. A Scorpio woman knows how to behave in order to get a man.

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She has a good erotic experience and, without modesty, recognizes that her sexuality attracts men to her. A Scorpio girl is able to love faithfully and faithfully, but if you touch her for life, then you are unsatisfied, because scorpions, poison, and female vindictiveness are mixed in her. Scorpio man can not pass by the girl of his own sign.

They are united, invisible to a prying eye, strength and mystery. Scorpios understand each other very well, their relationship in bed is perfect, they are liberated and so passionate that none of them want to lose such an excellent partner. These two signs are very highly valued and what happens behind the threshold of the bedroom. Scorpio man is very reliable, domineering, authoritative, serious and punctual. He is endowed with a sharp mind, and taking any decision, he trusts only himself.

A woman with him feels protected like a stone wall. People of this sign are very well suited for a management position. Scorpios are considered excellent parents.

Scorpio & Scorpio Sun: Love Compatibility

With a woman, Scorpio is always a gentleman: he is gentle, caring and loving. Although he is not an avid supporter of conjugal fidelity and can afford extramarital affairs without detriment to family life, he will not forgive you for such a lie. For the surrounding pair, composed of two Scorpions, remains a mystery. What happens between them personally, no one will ever know. One of the characteristic features of Scorpions is stealth, distrust.