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The exchange rate was pegged at During Soviet occupation, the exchange rate was 1 ruble to lei.

After the war, the value of the currency fell dramatically[7] and the National Bank issued a new leu, which was worth 20, old lei. At the time of its introduction, new lei equaled 1 U. Unlike the previous revaluation, different rates were employed for different kinds of exchange cash, bank deposits, debts etc. These rates ranged from 20 to 'old lei' for 1 'new' leu.

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Again, no advance warning was given before the reform took place. Between and , the official exchange rate was fixed by the government through law. This exchange rate was used by the government to calculate the value of foreign trade, but foreign currency was not available to be bought and sold by private individuals. Owning or attempting to buy or sell foreign currency was a criminal offence, punishable with a prison sentence that could go up to 10 years depending on the amount of foreign currency found under one's possession.

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International trade was therefore considered as part of another economic circuit than domestic trade, and given greater priority. In the post-communist period, there has been a switch in the material used for banknotes and coins. Banknotes have switched from special paper to special plastic, while coins switched from aluminum to more common coin alloys probably partly due to technical limitations of coin-operated vending machines. The transition has been gradual for both, but much faster for the banknotes which are currently all made of plastic.

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There has been a period in which all banknotes were made of plastic and all coins were made of aluminum, a very distinctive combination. By September , one euro was exchanged for more than 40, lei, this being its peak value. Following a number of successful monetary policies in the late s and early s, the situation became gradually more stable, with one-digit inflation in The Romanian leu was briefly the world's least valued currency unit,[8] from January when the Turkish lira dropped six zeros to July However, the 1,,leu note was not the highest Romanian denomination ever; a 5,,leu note had been issued in The images are to scale.

On 1 July , the leu was revalued at the rate of 10, 'old' lei ROL for one 'new' leu RON , thus psychologically bringing the purchasing power of the leu back in line with those of other major Western currencies. The term chosen for the action was 'denominare', similar to the English 'denomination'. Main Law of attraction courses uk How to find my numerology number What is my internet phone number Life path reading astrology Free full love compatibility reading Horoscope best fighters Numerologically powerful names How to find numerology number for new born baby Sitemap.

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